Family friendly destination

What makes a destination in Italy family friendly?

When you travel with your family, you want your holiday to be family-friendly. But which are the things to consider, searching the ideal destination? Keep in mind the age of your children. Think about their needs, their interests and their safety.

A family-friendly destination has a large variety of activities and entertainment for children of all ages. Before booking, make sure there are activities suited to the age of your children. Most children prefer physical activities outdoors. Is there a swimming pool there? Has it direct access to the beach? Are there any playgrounds or any areas where to have fun? Some children might like to participate in more specific sports activities as skiing, climbing, horse riding. The Italian territory is suitable for almost all kinds of sports and outdoor activities due to its climate and the variety of environments and landscapes.
Always check which are the attractions in the surroundings. Bring your children to visit a zoo, an aquarium or a farm, it's a wonderful alternative.

Children like to make new friends. Consider the opportunities your children will have to meet other children of their age, when choosing your destination. Many destinations have family-friendly entertainment programs for children and shared play areas. You may need a babysitting service. Make sure your chosen destination offers this service.

Safety is a priority for your family during the time away from home. Travel insurance can be a good solution if you travel with your family and your children, by plane, by train or by car. If you decide travelling with your car, check the necessary safety equipment: warning triangle, spare tire, reflective vest, first aid kit. If you decide renting a carm choose a reliable company.
It may also happen that your children have any health problems during the holiday. Where is the hospital or the nearest pharmacy? Have your children any allergies or intolerances? Warn the staff upon arrival.


So keep in mind these tips when looking for the best destination for your family holidays in Italy. Choosing a family-friendly destination is the key to your holiday success. Make sure your children can play safely and make new friends. Find interesting activities and excursions to do together. Travel safe and well equipped.
Now that you are prepared, leave for an unforgettable family vacation!

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