A beach holiday in Italy with dog

In Italy by the sea with your four-legged friend

Ready for your beach holiday in Italy? Don't you feel like leaving your dog to relatives or friends? Aren't you comfortable with the idea of leaving him in a shelter? Are you? There is no problem, leave for your holiday with him! Actually, to spend your vacation in Italy with Rover, it's easier than you think.

The number of dog-friendly beaches in Italy is increasing and there are more and more places where you can go walk enjoying the company of your faithful friends.
Sardinia and Tuscany have dozens of beaches where the dogs are welcome.

Before departure, make sure your dog is in good health and in good standing with the vaccines. Bring with you its veterinary records, it's always good to have them with you if your dog accidentally hurt or doesn't feel well. Keep at hand even its identity documents, especially if you're driving and you have to cross some customs.

When you go out for a walk or a hike or while you are on the beach, always bring a leash, muzzle and the special bags to collect his droppings.

Not all the dogs love swimming. If your dog is reluctant to get into the water, don't force him.
Be particularly careful if your dog doesn't enjoy perfect health, if he's old or if he's a puppy recently vaccinated, he may be affected by the rapid change of temperature from inside to outside water. In any case, consult your veterinarian before leaving.

A dog on the beach need to drink lots of water, make sure his bowl is always full. Bring his favorite bowl and a couple of bottles of water in reserve, in case you discovered that you cannot buy water on site.

Although it is hairy, your pet can suffer from sunburn and can get burned. Use protective barrier cream on belly, ears and hairless areas.
Dogs don't sweat like us but they can accuse heatstroke so, beware excessive exposure to the sun. When you go to the beach bring an umbrella or book it on the spot, or better just try to put you in a shaded area, under some trees at the edge of the beach.

Take a look at dog friendly beaches near your destination and start packing! Always consult your veterinarian before traveling with your four legged friend. Now that you are ready, leave and have fun on holiday together with your dog.

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