Italian aperitif with your friends

Don't miss the aperitif during your all Italian holiday

Are you on holiday in Italy with your friends? Aren't you? Then there is a must step that you should respect in your daily routine during your holiday in Italy!
The aperitif is an indispensable daily opportunity for millions of Italians every day to take a break, to relax with friends before dinner.

In the cities of northern Italy as Milan and Turin the aperitif is very common among young people, university students, and even among those who, after a long day of work in the city, wants to relax the nerves, in the playful atmosphere of their favorite bar.

This habit has its roots deeply in the history of Italy and should not be confused with the happy hour.
The cocktail is generally served from 18 to 21, in small bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants in every corner of the country. In most cases you can pay a flat fee that includes a beverage of choice and an appetizer buffet.

The classic aperitif drinks are local white wines and prosecco wines, low-alcohol cocktails, vermouth, bitters and soda.
One of the most popular drinks in Italy is the Spritz, an alcoholic drink made from sparkling water or seltzer, sparkling wine and bitters with ice and a slice of orange.
The aperitif usually associate salty snacks, salami, cheese tastings, small portions of pizza or flat bread: the function is to prepare the taste buds for the next dinner.

The aperitif in Italy has become the perfect moment of the day to stay with friends and enrich social relations. If you are vacationing with friends or in couple, take advantage of the occasion to make new acquaintances, new friends and to know more about the reality of the country you are staying.

During your holiday in Italy don't miss the "aperitivo". Just before dinner, take a trip to the local bar or club and enjoy the cheerful and relaxed atmosphere of this all Italian daily routine. Make new friends, chats, sample some local wine and have fun. If there is one thing that you cannot miss in your holiday in Italy is taking part to the aperitif time!

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