Italian destinations for water sports

Best destinations in Italy for water sports

The Italian destinations that feature proper sites and equipment for the practice of water sports like surfing, windsurfing, sailing, rafting, are really a lot. For this reason, they attract a large number of tourists, including many families with children, that while visiting the beauty of Italy, they have fun and play sports together.

In Sicily the right place for surfers is the Mondello bay, a few kilometers from Palermo, one of the most beautiful and popular destinations on the island.

Tuscany is a destination for water sports lovers tourists from all over the world. We can find a considerable number of places that are perfect for surfing: Piombino (Perelli), Livorno (Il Sale), Forte dei Marmi (Pontile), Lido di Camaiore.

Surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing are easily practicable in Liguria, actually a region well organized in this respect. Write down the following cities with its beaches: Lerici (Il Castello), Multedo, Sanremo (Tre Ponti ), Genoa (Cape Marina), Alassio and Ventimiglia (Le Calandre).
Gaeta (Serapo), Sperlonga Mare, Lido di Ostia, Santa Severa (Il Castello), Santa Marinella (Banzai) and Civitavecchia (Piccolo Paradiso), are all famous beaches of the coast of Lazio where you can make true your passion for the waves.

Sardinia also has got fantastic beaches for those who want to do some windsurfing, the Baia di Chia (Il Morto), Piscinas, Putzu Idu (Capo Mannu), Stintino (Roachland) and Santa Teresa di Gallura (beaches of Santa Reparata).

In Lombardy there are no Mediterranean waves to sail, but there are certainly those of the lakes! Torbole on Lake Garda is a fantastic destination for those who want to learn to windsurf or go sailing. If you're in the area and want to enjoy water sports you can go for the Lake Como.

Returning to the south of the peninsula, we find Puglia. At Capo Vieste, in Vieste, the wind never fails and is without any doubt the location of the Gargano more equipped for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Rafting is a funny water sports. The best rapids where practice this adrenaline sport are in Trentino, in Val di Sole, where the Noce River runs through the Dolomites.
If your destination is the Val d'Aosta, you can go rafting down the Dora Baltea River, down the Mount Blanc. They call this area the Italian Colorado.

There are other destinations all along the peninsula, perfect for rafting: the descents of the Nera River in Umbria, at the foot of the waterfalls of Marmore and then in the south, in Campania, in the Cilento National Park, in the province of Salerno, or in the Pollino National Park in Calabria, on the Lao River.

All destinations suggested are amazing places that will amaze you with their natural features. You just have to leave for Italy and add a touch of adrenaline to your holiday practicing some exciting water sports.

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