Holiday in Sicily

5 good reasons to go on vacation in Sicily

With so many cool destinations and so many good offers available, it becomes difficult to even choose the perfect destination for your beach holidays. Searching the internet you can find offers at bargain prices for exotic destinations that seem postcard landscapes, and then, sometimes, prove disappoints. It happens that the holiday package you bought doesn't include excursions, or that the accommodation wasn't what you expected.
Going without fail in the organization of a holiday is not that simple, but Italy, as sea destination, almost never disappoints.

The peninsula is surrounded by the sea and its coasts are fabulous. What about the islands? Sicily is a special place to spend wonderful holidays on the beach and swim in crystal clear sea.

Here are 5 good reasons why Sicily will be your next holiday destination.

  • 1. Cheap: Sicily is a cheap destination. On the beach you are not forced to buy bed and umbrella at exorbitant prices. You can choose to do it or you can visit all the other beautiful free beaches on the map.
  • 2. For all ages: Whether you travel alone, with your sweetheart, or with the whole extended family with young children, this region meets all your needs. There are safe beaches where your children can swim under the watchful eyes of a bay watcher and make new friends, but there are also secret coves along the coast where a couple can spend the day almost undisturbed.
  • 3. Events: In Sicily there is always a market to visit or a colorful food festival to attend. The nights in the city or on the beach are often animated by music and concerts.
  • 4. Breathtaking panoramas: A sunset over the sea seen from the Amphitheater of Taormina is a something you must see at least once in your lifetime. What about the natural landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea and the picturesque corners of Palermo?
  • 5. Good food: Sicily is the dream destination for street food lovers. You can find almost any kind of sandwiches or typical dishes to eat while strolling through city center. The Sicilian cuisine has generous portions and the pastry tastes incredible, it's known throughout the world and don't need descriptions.

Can't you decide the destination of your vacation by the sea? Select Italy and Sicily! One last tip: A holiday home, maybe with swimming pool, might be the best solution regarding the accommodation. It ensures more intimacy, privacy, and certainly more freedom.

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