Traveling in Italy with Teenagers

Yes, it can be fun - Traveling in Italy with Teenagers

There is no reason why a holiday in Italy with your children teenagers cannot be pleasant. Teens can be great companions because they have the same mental and physical abilities of an adult. Parents and children can play together if they respect the interests and preferences of both.

Involve your teens in choosing the destination and the activities to be carried out during the holiday. Booking the trip together is a way to recognize that they are no longer children and that you take seriously their opinions. At the same time you'll transmit them useful lessons for the future.
It is very important that the teenagers have their own room and their own bathroom. They need privacy and independence. They will be happy to leave knowing they'll have separate accommodations.

Lots of teens like to play sports. Do sport together. Consolidate your relationship. You can go skiing, hiking, climbing, canoeing, horse riding ... Italy, with its micro-climates and its variety of landscapes is the perfect place for outdoor activities.

When you travel with teenagers do not plan activities early in the morning. Kids need to sleep a lot and they don't like waking up early. If your teens are nervous because they haven't had much sleep, you lose their active participation.

It may happen that you want to visit a place that your kids just don't mind. Suggest a day or an afternoon separated. They can stay in the hotel or by the pool while you go seeing what you want. It's nice to have a moment for yourself, both for you and for them.

Friends are very important at that age. Few teens are happy to go on holiday alone with their parents. Will they have the opportunity to make new friends where you are going?
Suggest your child to invite her/his best friend to go with you. This solution can be the key to your holiday success. You will travel with two happy teenagers instead of a sulky one. Make sure that the parents of her/his friend agree. All the rules must be well understood before departure. Decide together how much money they can spend and set a limit of hours per day for cellphone/PC use.

Traveling with teens can be great. Your children have grown up, they can take care of themselves and you have more time to do what you want.
For a teenager, travel to Italy is an unforgettable experience. They learn to be more responsible, mature and independent.
There is no reason why it won't be a real success. Ready to leave?

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