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The region is bordered by Tyrol (Austria) to the north-east and north, by Graubünden (Switzerland) to the north-west.
It is extremely mountainous, covering a large part of the Dolomites and the southern Alps. Dolomites are a tourist mecca, famous for skiing in the winter months and mountain climbing, hiking, climbing and Base Jumping, as well as paragliding and hang gliding in summer and late spring/early autumn.

Free climbing has been a tradition in the Dolomites since 1887, when 17-year-old Georg Winkler soloed the first ascent of the pinnacle Die Vajolettürme.

In general, the region has always been a favourite destination for tourists, both in winter and in summer to visit the wide valleys and many lakes (the largest being Lake Garda). In the last decade, tourism became a very important component of the province's economy. Trentino has a higher concentration of hotels than any other region. The total accommodation capacity counts for 651,426 beds available in hotels and other establishments.
The region is composed of two provinces, Trentino in the south and South Tyrol in the north.

Trentino is covered by vast forests (50% of the territory). The climate is various through the province, warm and variable summers and cold and quite snowy winters.
In South Tyrol the climate is of the continental type, owing to the influence of the many mountain ranges which stand at well over 3,000 metres above sea-level.
In the city of Bolzano, capital of the province, the average air temperature stands at 12.2 °C.
The fertile valleys of the region produce wine, fruit, dairy products. Moreover, it is a major exporter of hydroelectric power.

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