Travel with your dog to Italy

Pack the bags

Is it your first holiday in Italy with your dog? You'll be surprised by the amount of things that your pet needs while traveling. Follow our suggestions for packing its luggage.


Make sure you bring all the necessary documents to travel with your dog: airfare (if you take a plane), its ID and a good health certificate. If your dog is old or takes any medications, bring its medical records and enough meds for the whole holiday. Do not know where to buy the medication he needs, can be a real problem. Check where is the closer vet in your destination before leaving, in case your dog feels ill or has an accident. Bring your veterinarian contacts too.

Print a recent photo of your dog. It's fundamental if you lose your friend or have it stolen. Don't forget to update emergency contacts imprinted on its tag. Put your dog's name, your name, your mobile phone number and other useful contacts. You can also add your accommodation address.
Do some research on your destination in Italy before leaving. Are pets allowed in your holiday house? There are pet-friendly areas in the surroundings?
It may happen that one day you must leave your friend alone in the apartment. Contact a dog-sitter or the nearest animal shelter and make sure they are available during your stay. You will be more comfortable with the idea that Rover is not alone all day in an unknown place.

Pack its bags. Some dog owners bring in their own baggage all his four-legged friend need. A good idea is to prepare its own luggage. Take an old bag or an old backpack and put inside everything he needs: Bowl for food and water, a couple of bottles of water in case there is no way to buy them while traveling, its games, a long collar and short one.
Far from home your pet needs a dog bed to rest. Add an old blanket or a light travel dog bed to its luggage. Remember to bring its special shampoo and its brush to keep your dog clean and healthy.

Traveling alone is never too funny. What about your faithful four-legged friend as travel companion? Rover and you are ready to leave for an adventure. Your holiday in Italy is an experience that neither will ever forget.

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