In Italy with a baby

Baby Travelers are excellent ones

Few parents are interested in traveling with their baby immediately. They are very busy and they feel exhausted after the pregnancy and the birth. However, there are some enterprising parents who choose to travel to Italy immediately with their child.

Are you planning to take a plane? it's strongly recommended to wait the first month end before flying with a baby. The concern is in the filtered plane air. Actually, infants are very vulnerable to germs and diseases in their first weeks of life.

Young children adapt very well and after three months tend to be great travelers. Newborns sleep a lot when they are healthy and they feel comfortable. Take advantage of the baby first months to travel, before the first teeth appear.
In addition, the policy of many airlines allow infants to travel for free or for very low cost.

There are some useful tips for you when flying with a baby-traveler. Give your child a toy that can bite: this will ease the discomfort of the pressure change during takeoff and landing.
Put everything you need for the baby in your hand luggage.
If the plane trip takes several hours, prevent him to suffer jet lag. Get the baby used to the new schedule, 2 or 3 days before departure. Upon arrival, spend more time outdoors. Natural daylight helps to recalibrate the baby biological clock.
Always remember this: you and your baby are traveling surrounded by other people. Always consider the other travelers, especially when you are changing the baby or breastfeeding.


If possible, car is a good alternative to plane, when travelling with a baby. Travelling by car makes you are more indipendent, so the trip will be less stressful. Make sure you have all the proper security equipment. While traveling by car, always use the safety seat. Place the seat as the instructions show.
If you rent a car, ask the rental company to provide you a baby safety seat. Never leave the baby alone in the car, even for a minute. The temperature inside the vehicle can reach dangerous levels in a few seconds.

Traveling in Italy with a baby is a wonderful experience if you are well organized. Make sure you have all the proper equipment to your child welfare and comfort.
Destination Italy. Ready for your first trip together?

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