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Maccagno is located on Lago Maggiore in the province of Varese in Italy. The town has about 2400 inhabitants (2011) is divided into an upper district Maccagno superiore and separated by the Giona River to the lakeside hamlet of Maccagno inferiore.

Maccagno is a small, exposed southern resort on the north eastern shore of Lake Maggiore.

Luino with the famous weekly market (Wednesdays) is located just 5 km south.

The village has:

Wharf, railway station, exhibitions, public Park Giona with beach, beautiful continuous waterfront.

From Maccagno via a mountain road you reach the lovely Veddasca Valley with hiking possibilities and old mountain villages; also worth seeing is the practically abandoned, former smugglers' village Monteviasco (924 m) below the Swiss border and which can only be reached on foot or by cable car.


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