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Dervio is a tranquil town on the north eastern shore of Lake Como and protrudes into a semicircle on a peninsula in the lake.

The town on the lake has about 3000 inhabitants (2010), and it belongs to the province of Lecco. Dervio is located about 25 km northwest of the provincial city of Lecco and 70 km north of the provincial capital Milan. The neighbouring communities are Colico 10 km north and Bellano 4 km south.

Dervio has a major yachting center, railway station and the pier with ferry boat line connection to all the places on Lake Como. Along the lake there is a beautiful, mile-long lake promenade and beaches (gravel), lawns, playground, bars, pizzerias and shopping for all your daily needs.

Recommended is a trip along the narrow mountain roads into the valley of Varrone-Tal with its impressive alpine landscape and small traditional villages, including Premana (17 km) at the end of the valley, known for its silver work and starting point for great alpine walks.

Things worth seeing in the village and surrounding area 
Dervio, a town on Lake Como is divided into four districts. Borgo, the old fishing village, Villa and in an elevated panoramic position the castle.There one can still see the remains of a 14th century tower.

At the southern part of Dervio are the ruins of the Castle Vedro from the 5-6th century.  The fortress stood in a dominant position and from the remains of the walls you can imagine how great castle once was. It served as part of a defense system on the shore of the lake in order to repel the incursions of the barbarians from the "Rezien" (Grisons).

At the northern part of the municipality, you will find the ancient fortress village of Corenno Plinio with its mighty castle.

Then there are the two main churches in the village, Saints Peter and Paul originating from the 11th century and Santi Quirico e Giulitta also from 11th century.


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