Chocolate Festival in Umbria

Eurochocolate in Perugia - A incredibly sweet vacation in Italy

To those who say that it's nice to go on holiday in Italy only if it is during summer, we reply that they're wrong!
Autumn is the perfect season to visit the Italian peninsula especially if you fancy a different and original holiday.

The events to attend during the fall are many. There are music festivals, food festivals, tours in vineyards... In short, there's something for every taste and you are spoiled of choice.

Talking about tastes, Do you know Eurochocolate Festival? This fantastic festival on chocolate is held every year in October in the beautiful city of Perugia. If you have booked your holidays in Italy in those days, you must attend this international event.

Whether you are traveling only with your partner or with your entire extended family, you are invited to the chocolate festival par excellence. During the entire event dedicated to Italian and international chocolate, there are several mini-shows, cultural events, wine tasting tours through the streets of the historic city center.

Not to miss: the chocolate sculptures show, where skilled sculptors working cubic blocks of chocolate, to obtain works of art that will remain on display during the whole festival.

If you miss the Eurochocolate because you cannot travel on those dates, do not despair, you still have a chance to make a sweet vacation in Italy: Cioccolatò.

CioccolaTò is the chocolate fair held every year in Turin since 2003. During this event to celebrate the chocolate made in Italy are set up shows, games and activities involving children and teenagers. You can taste all kinds of chocolate stopping at the many stands as you stroll through the streets of the city.
In an exhibition space it is realized a real chocolate factory. The production can be followed live during the day.
The last Sunday of the fair you can take part in the gianduiotto hunt: a treasure hunt in Turin with thirty teams!

Craving for chocolate? This Festival largely satisfy the expectations of a sweet tooth. If you don't know what to do during your stay in the fall, follow these tips. Those traveling in Italy only in the summer, will never have a holiday so sweet and unique!

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