Apple Special Week in South Tyrol

Among the orchards of South Tyrol, for unforgettable holidays in Italy

Sometimes you just feel like having a genuine experience, spending a different holiday. Do you find boring a classic sun and sea holiday? Do you feel like trying something new and exciting? Like having an experience that you have never done before, maybe in the mountains?
How about Italian Alps for your summer holidays or for a break in the fall? Let's explain now why this could be a wonderful idea.

Many know the region of South Tyrol for its skiing facilities and then associate this area only to winter. But South Tyrol offers much more! Visit this region during the hot season, you'll love it.

In spring, apple trees are blooming fully, the landscape is colored white, not for snow, but for the petals of apple blossoms. In August you can walk along the orchards and the chestnut forests during long afternoon excursions, smelling the intense aroma of fruit ripening in the sun. At the end of the summer harvesting begins, until October when the last fruits are harvested.

South Tyrol and its apple orchards are undoubtedly a relaxing view, framed by the breathtaking mountains panorama. This is a real paradise for hiking lovers, the trails are well marked and there are numerous trails available. The Mediterranean climate of this area allows fresh-apple cultivation up to 1000 m above sea level, with incredible results in terms of product quality. The apples from this region are known throughout the world for its fragrance, taste, color.

Try the specialties of South Tyrol during your vacation in Italy. Depending on when you decide to visit this magical land, we suggest you two events you will be happy to attend. At the height of the apple blossom from late April to early May, there is the "Festival reale della fioritura", while at the beginning of October you are invited to the "Apple special Week - Sunnseitn Apfelwoche". Both events are held in the area of Natz.

If you are looking for a special destination, an unusual one, where you can relax while on holiday in Italy, considere the area of South Tyrol during the hot season. Take long walks into the nature and taste the juicy, flavorful fruits of this territory. Feed your body and your soul with new feelings.

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