The Palio of Siena

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Siena is a beautiful city and hosts a must see event that makes it truly special.
The Palio of Siena is a unique opportunity to get involved from this welcoming city. It is a fascinating competition between the "contrade" in the form of a medieval horse carousel. The Palio race has very remote origins, we have evidence of Siena horse Palio even in the seventeenth century.

Although it's not designed as a tourist attraction, there are many people who decide to visit Siena just in time for the performance of the Palio. Normally, the Palio is held twice a year, on July 2 (Palio di Provenzano) and August 16 (Palio of the Assumption). If you are on holiday in central Italy, evaluate the opportunity to attend this special event.

The horse race takes place around the city's main square, Piazza del Campo. To achieve victory, the jockey must walk three laps around the Piazza. If the jockey falls, the show goes on: the horse, in fact, continue the race and win it himself!

Choose Piazza del Campo to see the Palio for free. You will stand for a few hours, so put on comfortable shoes, bring a hat, and put on a good sunscreen. It is strongly recommended buying water, drinks and some snacks, or better, some cake from Siena, before reaching the square. Are you traveling with children? Because of the large crowd that will stand in the square and of the heat, we do not recommend bringing children to see the Palio in Piazza del Campo.

There are more comfortable solutions to see the Palio, for a fee. You can purchase the tickets for the stands or for the balconies overlooking the square. Try to contact the APT Siena or talk directly with the owners of the houses surrounding the square, which often offer light refreshments with typical dishes of the city.

Finding a hotel room in the city can be very difficult during the Palio. You can rent a holiday home or a small villa in the Tuscan countryside, it will be more intimate and relaxing. Captivated by Tuscany, visit Siena during the spectacle of the Palio. Enjoy a unique experience with medieval taste. Ready for an unforgettable vacation?

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