In Italy with the kids

Not to leave them at home

Traveling to Italy with your children can be a stressful experience if you don't know how to well organize. We have some useful tips for you. We suggest you how to distract children during long journeys. At the end of the article you'll be an expert in the complicated art of keeping your child occupied while traveling.

Many parents think that traveling with a small child is one of the most challenging tasks. So start by choosing a destination that is family-friendly for your holidays in Italy. Young children tend to be very curious about everything around them and any time is good to get into trouble. Suitable play areas and extra supervision around the pool are a great advantage.

Young children love to see new things but get bored very quickly especially if they are forced to stand still and seated. Long car trips can become real nightmares. The secret is to keep your child occupied and happy. Make a list of what distract the child before leaving. Bring his favorite games, a new toy, a book to read and a few stories to tell.
If your child has a favorite object like a puppet or a wrapper be sure to always have it at hand. If you travel during the night, dress him with his pajamas and try to respect the bedding ritual to help him fall asleep.

Plane travel is an exciting experience for your child. Take advantage of the long waits at the airport to make him see the planes taking off and landing, show the conveyor belt for luggage and let it carry his backpack.
Airports are crowded places so be always very careful. Is your baby very curious and has a tendency to move away? It would be a good idea he wears an identification bracelet with his name, your name, your contact details and your destination. Put in your carry-on bag some snacks and something to drink.
The direct flights are preferred when traveling with small children. A chewing gum relieves the discomfort of pressure change during takeoffs and landings.

The whole holiday in Italy should be a great adventure for your child. Always keep us his enthusiasm and his interest. Respect as much as possible meal times and rest hours. The child must feel comfortable and happy. Keep everything necessary to his well-being within reach, his favorite items, a snack and a drink, his documents and a first aid kit. Follow our suggestions. This holiday in Italy will be an exciting adventure, not only for your child but also for you.

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