Travel with school age children

Travel in Italy with school age children

Create memories for life

Many parents say that traveling with school-age children (6-11 years) is not only easier but also more fun. Children of that age show more interest in their surroundings, understand more things and want to experience everything. They are also old enough to remember the trip. Your vacation in Italy will be a wonderful memory for your children.

When planning your holidays with children of 6-11 years, choose a destination that is family friendly. A hotel room may not be the best choice. Spend the holiday in a holiday-home or in a chalet. Make sure that there is a swimming pool and suitable areas in which they can play in the surroundings. Keep in mind that with children of school age you will need to plan the trip during the school holidays, when prices tend to rise.

A child of that age knows what he likes to do and what he doesn't. Involve him as much as possible in planning the trip and in the choice of the activities. Italy offers a wide range of theme parks where you can have fun together and learn new things. Try to keep up his interest. Bring a good book or board game. It can be very useful during long journeys or a rainy day.

To make a list of everything he need is a good idea to involve him more and not to forget anything. Encourage him to prepare his own luggage following the list you made together. For safety, he can wear an identification bracelet with his name, your name and your contacts. Your journey is an adventure so you have to be well equipped. Give him an economic camera and a notepad. He'll have fun playing the reporter and you will retain his diary as a holiday keepsake.

It is very important to set the rules before departure. Some children have personal technology, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, portable DVD players. Put a time limit on the use of electronic devices or just leave everything at home before departure. Set a budget for the purchase of souvenirs. The child will be responsible for his small amount and can decide how to use it.
You need to impose some rules but don't be too rigid about the planned activities. Let him enough time to play freely, go swimming or watching a movie. Remember, it's time for relaxing for you and for him.

Follow these tips and the result will be a wonderful holiday in Italy for the whole family. Involve your child in planning your adventure. Fix rules but not be too severe. Make new experiences. Grow together. Create wonderful memories that will accompany both of you for a lifetime.

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