When to go on holiday in Italy

When to go on holiday in Italy? ALWAYS

Would you like to go on holiday in Italy but you don't have any days off in the summer? If you think that this is a problem, you're wrong! Any time of the year is the right one to visit Italy. Every season has something special to offer. Any weekend escape will be unforgettable and perfect. Don't you believe it? Let us prove it.

If your boss let you go on holiday only in winter, you are very lucky. Have you ever thought of a skiing holiday in Italy? The Italian Alps are perfect for skiing, snowboarding or for beautiful walks in nature. Even the Dolomites can be the ideal location for your holidays, there is a dense network of slopes and ski lifts and hundreds of well-marked trails for hiking. The most popular Italian winter sports destinations are Cortina d'Ampezzo and Courmayeur. Don't worry if you are not able to ski. This may be the perfect opportunity to learn! It's very easy to take classes on site. Be sure to bring warm clothes. It's time for fun!

During Spring there are many opportunities to take a break from studies or for a romantic getaway in the weekend. You can rent a nice apartment in an Italian town and spend a couple of incredible days, shopping, strolling in a charming old town, eating in some good restaurant ... In spring you are spoiled for choice, there are so many chances. In this season the temperatures are raised, the days are cool and sunny and nature flourishes. What could relax and recharge you more than a spring break along Lake Como shores?

Summer is pleasant in any corner of the world, but in Italy it is surprisingly enjoyable. Hot days at sea, looking at the horizon above the Mediterranean, the evenings on the beach, dancing until morning. The nightlife of the Italian cities is always very rich and interesting. There are musical events or outdoor shows to attend. Many cities also organize outdoor film projections. The summer atmosphere in Italy is magical, but do not worry if you cannot take a vacation in the summer.

Finally, what about Autumn in Italy? Let's describe it in three words: Color, Wine, Good Food. The weather is cool and sunny, is the most suitable for trekking and mountain lovers. Take advantage of this time to visit the nature reserves throughout Italy. Walk through the nature that changes color and enjoy the peace coming from the landscapes. Then, be surprised by the intensity of scents. Taste the wine and the specialties of the local gastronomy. Holidays in the fall? Travel in Italy, you won't regret.

So, what do you think now? As you see, every time of the year is the right one to leave for an unforgettable holiday in Italy.

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