Venice Film Festival

A VIP event - Venice Film Festival

The Venice film festival is an elegant , interesting, unmissable event. It is held annually in late August and early September in the Palazzo Del Cinema in the Lido area in Venice. It is the oldest film festival in the world, the first edition was in 1932.
The exhibition is part of the broader backdrop of the Venice Biennale, a cultural event that includes the famous international exhibition of contemporary art. The 71st edition was held between August and September 2014.

Directors, actors and actresses from all over the world and famous Hollywood stars take part to the festival. The prize awarded is the Golden Lion, which owes its name to the symbol of the city (the lion of the Basilica of San Marco). This recognition is one of the most important from the point of view of film critics, like the Golden Palm at Cannes and the Oscars in US.

It's advisable to rent a holiday home in the region, and then go to Venice by train and spend the whole day walking around the city like a movie star. Staying outside the city you'll have the opportunity to make the most of the whole period of your holidays. You can visit, as well as Venice, also the splendid city of Verona and the Lakes area - Como, Garda and Maggiore - with their breathtaking views.

During this amazing event the city of Venice is pretty crowded and it is difficult to find accommodation for a reasonable price.
The Tickets for the Film Festival are available online on the official websites of the event, with special discounts for the under-26 and over-60. The options are quite expensive, but you can buy tickets for individual events and for screenings outside the halls.

If you just want to absorb a bit of the red carpet atmosphere, there are big screens outside the Palazzo Del Cinema, where they project interviews to directors and actors for free. The Movie Village then, hosts special events with the temporary presence of some celebrities.

Are you keen on cinema? Enjoy the Venice Film Festival. Look at the movie stars walking the red carpet in the frame of the romantic Venice city. If you're on holiday in northern Italy between August and September, do NOT miss this dream event!

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