Opera Season at the Arena

Unmissable in Verona - Opera Season at the Arena

To go to the Opera in Verona, is one of the most beautiful and interesting experience you can do while on holiday in Italy. Every summer, in the ancient Arena, they hold great plays, shows and concerts with artists from all over the world. Many classic music lovers travel to Verona just to see the Opera in the Arena. A visit to the city and to Juliet's House is just a nice extra for them. If you're planning a holiday in northern Italy, it is worth spending a night in Verona and buy tickets for a show in the suggestive Arena.

The Arena is an ancient Roman amphitheater that can hold about 30,000 spectators. The Arena atmosphere is unique and magical. In ancient times there were held gladiator fights. Today, the structure is kept in excellent condition and they hold concerts and theatrical performances there throughout the summer.

The Opera season at the Arena is from July to early September. During the rest of the summer the Arena hosts concerts and other events. You can buy tickets in advance online, or you can buy them in Verona, or in travel agencies upon arrival. Tickets price varies depending on the seats quality. The fare ranges from 200 euros for just below the stage seats, to 23 euros for a seat on the bare stone in the upper part of the Arena.

Performances are quite long, especially if there are delays for rain. If your holiday home is located near Verona, it is advisable to get to the city with your own mean of transport and take a short drive back overnight. If you are staying away from the city, you should consider the possibility to spend the night in hotel and return with train or bus the next day, after taking advantage of the morning to visit the rest of the beautiful Verona.

Are you visiting Verona during autumn, winter or spring, but want to see the Opera? No problems. During the rest of the year, the opera, the ballet and the other theater performances and concerts are held in the Philharmonic Theater, in Verona. You can visit the Arena as a tourist attraction every day except Monday morning.

See the Opera Verona Arena is an unmissable experience during your holiday in northern Italy. Visit the historical city and spend an unforgettable evening in the magical atmosphere of an ancient Roman amphitheater. The scheduled events are many and you are spoiled for choice.

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