Tips for family adventures in Italy

Tips for family adventures in Italy

The family adventure holiday is becoming increasingly popular. Make an adventurous trip is the perfect way to create beautiful family memories that will last forever. Do you want to plan an unforgettable holiday in Italy? Follow our tips and get ready to leave.

A family adventure is a unique opportunity to spend quality time together. Facing new and unusual experiences will make a family more united. Make an adventurous journey in Italy will allow the whole family to broaden their horizons, meet new people and visit interesting places.

When organizing your adventure, you have two options: sit in front of the PC and plan the journey alone or contact a good travel agency. Plan the vacation alone will give you more flexibility and a wider choice of alternatives regarding accommodation, transport and activities.
However, many families prefer to rely on tour operators and buy an all inclusive holiday package. Entrusting you to a tour operator you will have less responsibility and will be accompanied during the holiday by someone who speaks your language. Usually agencies also take care to ensure all members of the family and their luggage during the journey.

Plan activities according to all family members preferences and interests. Do you like water sports? Search for a destination that is close to the Mediterranean Sea, or on the shores of the Italian lakes such as Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda. You can take windsurfing, canoeing, water skiing and sailing lessons. Do you prefer the mountains? The Alps are a great place to go hiking, climbing or paragliding. And if you travel during winter you have a great choice of destinations where you can practice winter sports such as skiing, skating and snowboarding.

An interesting alternative is adventure parks where you can all have fun together climbing by a waterfall or passing through the trees with cables at more than three meters high. This kind of parks offers all the necessary equipment and proposes activities and paths for different difficulty levels. Throughout Italy there are more than 150 adventure parks to choose from.

Plan your adventurous trip to Italy and create unforgettable family memories. A bit of adventure may be the key to your holiday success. Book yourself according to your preferences, or take a look to your tour operator offers. Imagine you riding in the Tuscan countryside, or sailing on Lake Como or skiing in the Alps with your family. How many new experiences you can share with your family? And how much you can learn about yourself during an adventure holiday?

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