Autumn in Italy

Italy in autumn meets all your senses

Any time of year is the right time to go on holiday. But is not necessary to travel in summer to spend a wonderful time in Italy. Have you ever thought of leaving in the fall?

Autumn is a special time to travel to Italy. Your every sense will be satisfied: your eyes will be filled with the bright landscape colours, your nose will be delighted by the scent of ripe fruit and wine. Your palate then, will taste the culinary delights of the traditional Italian cuisine during the village festivals celebrating the end of harvest.

After the summer, the landscape becomes a painting with stunning colors. Northern and central Italy forests are colored in all possible shades of red and orange: saffron, pumpkin, rust, bronze, gold, purple, crimson, magenta, mustard, ocher...
In the south of the peninsula the color palette is more delicate but equally amazing. The deep green of citrus leaves becomes silver and fits in perfectly with the leaves of the olive trees, lavender and rosemary. Autumn natural spectacle is a good reason to go on holiday in Italy during this season.

Autumn is wine season. Taste some delicious Italian dishes accompanied by a local wine. Let scents and flavors overwhelm you. During September and October in every corner of Italy they celebrate local festivals for the end of harvest. You are likely to participate to a “sagra”. The “sagra” is a village festival dedicated to a typical product of the region, such as chestnut, truffles, cheese, wine.

The autumn weather, cool and sunny, is the most suitable for trekking lovers. Take advantage of this time to visit the protected natural parks in the Apennines. You'll see bears and wolves in their natural habitats.
Do you like bird watching? There are plenty of nature reserves you can visit. Spend an unforgettable day walking along the trails of the reserve surrounded by nature. Watch the large amount of specimens coming together and preparing for migration.

Discover Italy in autumn. Be amazed by the intensity of colors and scents. Take advantage of the season to sample the local cuisine. Spend quality time in contact with the nature while gilding and appreciates the peace that fills the view.
You won't regret going on holiday in the fall.

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