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Dosso del Liro

Dosso del Liro is a pretty mountain village with about 270 residents whose homes are on the mountaintop, where they are ordered in harmonious rows around the church. The village is in the Province of Como, and bordered to the north-west with the Swiss towns of Cama, Grono and Roveredo, and is 650 meters above sea level, in an open and sunny position. It offers a breathtaking views of the Alto Lario and the surrounding mountains, including "the pyramid", the Monte Legnone (2,609 M.).

The narrow streets that characterize the rustic village, have a lot to offer and to discover. Here there are many stone houses to see, which are often decorated with frescoes. Numerous and special are the typical wells, which are distributed throughout the village. They are a starting point for beautiful excursions always offering a sequence of suggestions and wonderful panoramas, whether they are more or less strenuous.

The village is located on the Via dei Monti Lariani, a 125 KM long hiking trail that goes along the western shore.

Recommended places to visit: The parish church SS Annunciata from the 17th century, the inside is decorated with a very rich baroque décor, and of particularly interest is the organ.

Also recommended to visit is the dialect Museum "Museo del dialetto" in Dosso del Liro at the Piazza della Chiesa, open from 27 July to 1 September from 14:00 to 17:00.

A walk through the chestnut forest will bring you to the Roman church of San Pietro in Costa, which is on a hill and is mentioned in texts from the 14th century. Dosso del Liro, and many other neighbouring villages experienced emigration of its inhabitants in the past centuries to Sicily and especially to Palermo. The traces can still be found in the works of many churches, including this church. 

In the village there is a small shop to cover the daily needs. Dosso del Liro also has a good restaurant. A public bus service connects the village to Gravedona (za. 3 Km) and the lake.


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